FOX Get with the Program

“Let’s bring out the best in the next generation of talent. Support the National Arts & Humanities Youth Program.”

This was a project from FOX that I was hired on by “Dark to Light Productions” to be a character animator for the main girl in the video.

Press Release from Fox

Toolkit: After Effects | Illustrator

Client: Light to Dark Productions / FOX


Tyler Hendricks

Mike Gallardo

Joe Ferrara

Andrea Christian

Taylor Humphries

Here is a breakdown of my work.

0:00 – 0:09 Animation of girl playing piano
0:15 – 0:18 Girl drawing and riding bike and flying with music note
0:20 – 0:22 Girl falling and getting up to chalk board
0:25 – 0:29 Girl dancing
0:29 – 0:34 Girl landing and receiving diploma and the teacher doing the hand off
0:34 – 0:38 Girl signing (Not the music notes)
0:43 – 0:51 Girl directing orchestra and all of orchestra characters
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