Hello my name is Mike Gallardo and I’m a motion designer and animator with an knack for design.

I have over five years of experience as a motion designer and I have graduated from Animation Mentor to further my passion for character animation and great motion.  
Over my years of experience I have worked with companies such as Disney, Ovenbits, FOX, Revlon, Shine America, and also most recently Samsung and many clients from around the world. My clients projects have ranged from music videos, live event graphics seen nation wide, promos that have aired on national and world wide shows, short films, logo animations and in my spare time personal projects and even more recently UI/UX designs. I love bringing things to life, its a big reason why I got into animation in the first place, watching a character that you animate come to life and move and blink is always an amazing thing to me and puts a big smile on my face! With my skills as an animator and motion designer I’m always looking to bring some kind of life into the projects that I work on and make it smooth and pleasing to the eye, also a big part of my service to my clients is to always let them know where their projects are and when they can see a final version sent to them. Serving my clients the best way I can is a top priority of mine and making sure I always do my best.
For my schooling and education as I said before that I graduated from Animation Mentor, a top school in animation. As I was attending I learned from the best and and was pushed to my limits of character animation. Before my time at Animation Mentor and right after high school I was accepted into a two year internship with The Center For Creative Media which there I began my path to being a Motion Designer and Animator, which in turn became my job as a Lead Motion Graphic Designer for just over three years. Now you can find me as a Freelance Motion Designer living somewhere in the US most likely California with my wife, eating some popcorn and enjoying movies, hip-hop, playstation, and collecting designer toys.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit and I hope to get to know you and work on a future project together.
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