It is all stop motion and real paper
I planned out the animation in after effect
then we went to the printing press.
About 470 frames you are seeing
Many thanks goes to the team of paper cutters and the people that helped shoot the final
After Effects
Client: Center For Creative Media
Amber Boehler
Anna Crowley
Ari Burt
Aspen Henry
Audra Suderlin
Bob Nunziato
Bree Lester
Charlie Kemp
Cody Stallings
Daniel McInnes
Danielle Mckellar
Doug Rittenhouse
Jared Haskell
John Manalo
Joseph Ferrara
Josua Fischer
June Lathrop
Kenji Ito
Keshia Weaver
Kim Sunderlin
Kristina Kutscher
Landon Bjork
Linda Arnold
Logan May
Margaret Kittok
Mason Beckman
Michael Gallardo
Ruth Kimsey
Shannon Haack
Tyler Hendricks
Wesley Trost
Thank you all!

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