0:03 - Reality LA Sermon on the Mount
Graphics provided, responsible for motion graphics.

0:04 - Disney XD TV Bumpers
Character Design and Rigs provided, responsible for Puppet animation and Lip-Sync
(Disney/Powerhouse Animation are owners of art and logos, I do not claim art or logos as my own)

0:06 - Suli Breaks - Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word
Footage and edit provided, responsible for creation of text animation and style

0:07 - Bible App for Kids
OvenBits provided art and direction, responsible for character animation in Spine software
(OvenBits are owners of art, I do not claim art as my own)

0:09 - Blepharitis Information video
Personal project, created vector graphics and animated

0:11 - Title Sequence Battlecry
Responsible for the text design animation

0:12 - Balloon Film Logo Animation
Responsible for animation of logo, Logo was provided.

0:14 - Kano Character Intro
Kano Art was provided, responsible for animation of character.
(I do not take ownership of the Kano art or character)

0:16 - Play Hard Give Back
Responsible for creation of video of all vector graphics and animation

0:18 - Lays Commercial Entry
Footage was provided as well as Bag Graphic, Responsible of the logo animation.

0:21 - Scanther Enterprise Video
Responsible for motion graphic animation and most vector graphics

0:23 - Stop Go Love Logo Animation
Logo art provided, responsible for logo animation

0:24 - Eco Washer
Logo art provided, responsible for logo animation

0:25 - Bank of America Concept App
Personal project, responsible for layout and design and animation of app

0:27 - Holmenkollen House Video
Footage provided, responsible for tracking footage and playing in simple text graphics

0:29 - FOX Get with the program
Art provided, responsible for rigging characters and animating characters on project

0:30 - Modern Spanish Flashcard App
Design split between myself and my wife, all animation done by me

0:32 - Monster Run Personal Project
Footage shot and tracked and vector monster designed and mostly frame by frame animation done by myself

Song - Sixteen Saltines
by Jack White
(All rights belong to Jack White)
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