FOX 'Get with the Program'

An opportunity to flex my character animation skills

FOX Get with the Program

“Let’s bring out the best in the next generation of talent. Support the National Arts & Humanities Youth Program.”

This was a project from FOX that I was hired on by “Dark to Light Productions” to be a character animator for the main girl in the video.

Press Release from Fox

Toolkit: After Effects | Illustrator

Client: Light to Dark Productions / FOX


Tyler Hendricks

Mike Gallardo

Joe Ferrara

Andrea Christian

Taylor Humphries

Here is a breakdown of my work.

0:00 – 0:09 Animation of girl playing piano
0:15 – 0:18 Girl drawing and riding bike and flying with music note
0:20 – 0:22 Girl falling and getting up to chalk board
0:25 – 0:29 Girl dancing
0:29 – 0:34 Girl landing and receiving diploma and the teacher doing the hand off
0:34 – 0:38 Girl signing (Not the music notes)
0:43 – 0:51 Girl directing orchestra and all of orchestra characters
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